List of ColiBack e-commerce partners for your returns

 - You are an individual and you want to return a package ?

ColiBack facilitates the return of parcels on more than a hundred e-commerce sites. Choosing ColiBack for his return is the assurance of:

 - Paying back cheaply
ColiBak offers negotiated rates from these transportation partners (view our rates)
 - Have a quality service
Our customers testify to the quality of the ColiBack service (consult the opinions of our customers)
 - Consult your package tracking 24h / 24h
You can always check your return from our dedicated page (parcel tracking)
 - Save time by printing your own return label
No more queues, just print your label and drop your package near you (return your package)

 - You are a professional, externalize the processing of your returns

ColiBack, the winning partnership for processing your returns. Simplify your logistics by outsourcing your reverse logistics. Reduce your costs, gain visibility and build customer loyalty by integrating the ColiBack solution. A clearly defined return policy on a sales site is essential to customer loyalty.

 - Do not hesitate and as our partners integrate the solution ColiBack

 - ColiBack, our customers testify to our quality of service.