General conditions of sale and prices applicable on 30/09/2019

General Conditions of Service and Use (CGPU)   


Article 1 - Object and fields of application 

Any order of performance implies the acceptance without reserve by the buyer and his full and whole adhesion to the present general conditions which prevail on any other document of the buyer and in particular on all general conditions of sale or purchase.

Article 2 - Definitions

For the interpretation and application of the CGPU the following definitions apply:

"Package" means cardboard, pouch, bag or envelope - containing one or more goods acquired by the Customer, with a maximum unit weight of 15 kg.

If the sum (Length + width + height) of the three dimensions of the Package is less than 170 centimeters ("cm") and the largest of its three dimensions is less than or equal to 130 cm, the package may be subject to Coliback treatment.

Can not be supported by Coliback:

Any package whose sum of all three dimensions is greater than 170 cm

Any package weighing more than 15kg


Article 3 - Delivery order- Mandate given to COLIBACK- Process

By order of delivery, we mean any order relating to the return of products listed on our rates and accepted by our company, accompanied by payment of the full service provided on the summary invoice published on the site   

The orders transmitted to our company are irrevocable for the customer, except written acceptance on our part.

COLIBACK is mandated either by the e-merchant partner site (process 1: COLIBACK with Partners) and / or by the individual (process 2: COLIBACK with Individuals) to carry out the return of the packages from his warehouse to the e-merchant site. This mandate is materialized by clicking on the button "I accept the General Conditions of Service and Use"

3.1 Process

3.1.1 Procedure n ° 1: Partnership e-merchant website

In accordance with the instructions given on the website:

An account is created by the customer who wishes to return a product of which he describes the typology (nature, weight ..).

The customer :

- indicates COLIBACK's return partner website

- choose the relay in which he will drop his parcel

- makes payment via the payline system

- prints the web return label corresponding to his parcel

- scotche the web return label on his package

- deposit his package at the chosen relay

The package with the web return label (transmitted by Coliback and pasted on the parcel by the customer) is sent by the COLIBACK partner carriers to the COLIBACK warehouses.

COLIBACK performs a specific treatment of the items contained in the return package (conformity, type, quality, weight ...) following the service requested by the e-merchant site, then groups and sends these items to the e-merchant site.

The customer is reimbursed by the e-merchant site as soon as the processing phase of the products is completed by COLIBACK or upon receipt of the product by the e-merchant site

The e-merchant site remains the sole decision maker of the amount and the deadlines for reimbursement of customers who purchased the products on its site.

3.1.2 Procedure 2: Procedure applicable to individual

The procedure is identical to paragraph 3.1.1 with two caveats:

COLIBACK does not carry out specific treatment of the articles contained in the return package but groups the parcels by site before forwarding them to the e-merchant site.

The e-merchant site intervenes only at the end of the process under the receipt of the parcel

The e-merchant site remains the sole decision maker of the amount and the deadlines for reimbursement of customers who purchased the products on its site.


Article 4 - Deliveries

4.1 Coliback Controls

COLIBACK will carry out weight checks on the declarations made by its customers and reserves the right to adjust the payment in case of declaration of weight lower than the actual weight controlled on its platforms.

COLIBACK will inform its customers of errors of weight below the real and out of the weight range declared by the customer.

Any customer complaint must be made within 24 hours by e-mail to the addres indicated on the COLIBACK website.

Non-payment of excess weight cancels the COLIBACK service, and does not give rise to reimbursement of expenses already incurred; the return of parcels and / or items delivered by Coliback is the responsibility of the customer.

4.2 Delivery times

COLIBACK undertakes that the delivery time between the deposit of the package by the Customer in relay point and the arrival of the package in the warehouses of the e-merchant site does not exceed 15 days.

If a delivery delay occurs exceptionally, it can not give rise to any penalty or compensation, nor motivate the cancellation of the order.

4.3 Transfer of risks.

The risk transfer on the products stored in the COLIBACK warehouse is carried out at the delivery of the products to the carrier at the COLIBACK warehouse outlet.

4.4 Damage 

In case of apparent damage on the packages at any stage of the distribution chain, the customer, COLIBACK, the carrier or the e-merchant site will have to make the necessary reserves of use.

For the customer, from COLIBACK via his website and by sending an e-mail to

For the carriers or partners of COLIBACK the methods of management of damages are defined in the partnership contracts.

In the framework of the procedure 1 (mandate by the e merchant site), the responsibility of COLIBACK in case of damage on the contents of the parcels is limited to 23 euros / Kg of the contents of the parcel.

In the context of procedure 2 (mandate by the individual), the responsibility of COLIBACK can not be retained in case of damage on the contents of packages, COLIBACK never proceeding to their opening. The responsibility of COLIBACK can not be retained in case of loss of the package is limited to 23 euros / kg of the contents of the package.

Any package that has not been subject to reservations within 24 hours of receipt will be considered accepted by the customer, COLIBACK, the carrier or the e-merchant site.


Article 5 -Tariff - Price - Terms of payment

The current rate may be revised at any time. Any tariff modification will automatically be applicable on the date indicated on the new tariff.

Price list at 01/06/2017

COLIBACK ensures a secure payment system and guarantees the preservation of the confidentiality of the card numbers by protection and cryptology procedures. The payment of the services is carried out at the time of the entry of the order, either via the payline system or so limitation, by means of the cards presenting the acronym CB, cards bearing the mark Visa or Eurocard or Mastercard accepted in France.

The validation of the order of service by means of the credit card number and the expiration date is mandate to pay all taxes accessory to the order.

In the absence of authorization to pay by credit card, the order is not validated by COLIBACK.



Article 6 - Right of withdrawal

The customer has a withdrawal period of 14 days to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to justify reasons (Consumer Code, Articles L221-18 to L121-28). This period runs from the acceptance of the service order by COLIBACK and the customer will be reimbursed without penalty by COLIBACK.


Article 7 - Intellectual property

By connecting to the website created by COLIBACK which holds all the intellectual property rights relating thereto, the customer is prohibited from copying or downloading all or part of its content.


Article 8 - Nominative information

The COLIBACK website has been the subject of a CNIL declaration and has received a COLIBACK registration number. No. 1606214 v 0

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 06 January 1978 and its updates, the customer has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data concerning him.

The personal information requested is necessary for the performance of the service and may also be used for promotional and / or advertising purposes, unless written request or e-mail of the customer to oppose such use on

Article 9 - Continuity of service

COLIBACK has for all stages of access to the site, the process of return delivery of products ordered an obligation of means.

Its responsibility can not be engaged for any risk inherent in the use of internet such as in particular a suspension of the service whatever is the duration, an intrusion or the presence of computer virus.


Article 10 - Force majeure

Only acts beyond the control of the parties and having the characteristics of unpredictability, irresistibility and externality as defined by the case-law shall be regarded as cases of force majeure.

Insofar as the performance of COLIBACK's obligations is delayed, hindered or prevented by force majeure, COLIBACK can not be considered as having failed in its obligations.

Force majeure will release COLIBACK from its obligations only to the extent and during the time when it will be prevented from performing them.

COLIBACK shall endeavor to remedy promptly the cause of non-performance and will have to fulfill all of its obligations as soon as this cause disappears.